We have been really pleased to be involved with the Winter Night Shelter in Ashford for 4years now, we have hosted for the past 3 at St Francis.

This is a brilliant opportunity for churches to make a tangible effort to support the homeless in our community. Each day of the week a church will host the homeless for the night, giving them a place to get warm, have a good night sleep, eat a nutritious meal and help in any other way they can.

There are 5 main ways you can give your time…
The evening shift
This runs from 6-10pm and helps register the guests, get them settled and socialise with them throughout the evening
The Cook Team
Prepares a hot, healthy dinner for the guests and volunteers
The Night shift
Stays at the venue overnight from 10pm-6am
The morning shift
Arrives at 6am, prepares breakfast and gets the guests up and out by 8am, helps pack down and clean the venue.
The driving shift
As a mobile night shelter each day we have to move the equipment from one venue to the next, we use the Salvation Army van and this shift runs 7.30-9am.
To Volunteer…
Every volunteer must fill out an application form, and attend one session of training. Information about volunteering for the season 2019-2020 will be released in October 2019
For more information find us on Facebook or contact Nathan Wilson- Team Missioner