Prepare the way is a phase of the Janus Project which aims to restore and enhance the historic church of St Mary’s Great Chart for the benefit of future generations.

In this phase of Janus, we aim to provide easier access to the church building by improving the external path and levelling out the entrance. The path needs to be made less steep and easier to navigate for people of all ages.

This work will cost around £100,000. Whilst we are hoping to get some funds from grant giving bodies, we will need to raise the majority through direct gifts and fund-raising events.  

There are events in the pipeline (see below) which we hope will bring the community together as well as raising funds. But you can donate straight away using the information on the Janus Project page.

“Prepare the Way” planned events for 2022

Ashford Concert Band concert 12 June: cancelled due to low sales of tickets.

Flower & Mouse Festival at St Mary’s 16-17 July

Safari Supper 10 September

Pulled Pork Quiz   15th October in Great Chart Village Hall

Times and venues will be published in due course.


See the Janus Project page or Flower and Mouse Festival page for information on how you can donate.

For further information and tickets, please email us at