A scriptural tradition:

The teaching at St. Mary’s is evangelical and based on teaching of the Bible.

The Great Chart congregation worships in a more traditional Anglican style, whist the Singleton service is more informal.

Both seek to place themselves at the centre of the local community.

The truth of the gospels has been repeated down 2,000 years of human history.

At times it has been ridiculed, suppressed and banned. It’s followers have been killed, mocked and considered dangerous cranks.

And yet, the message remains – an essential part of everyday life. Whenever a date is recorded it reflects a recognition of the date of Christ’s birth. Although we may be able to prove that the actual date of this momentous birth could have been four years before, or six years after, nevertheless, the essential truth remains.

Jesus Christ was born some two millenia ago, to a young girl about to be married. He grew up, and, at the age of thirty, he commenced a short period of ministry which was to last only about three years. This ministry was not undertaken on a global scale, but was very local, to a relatively small group of people living under oppression in a small area of the Middle East.

The ministry ended in an execution. The method of execution – to be nailed to a cross, was not untypical at that time for those considered by the occupiers to be guilty of insurgence.

And yet, we continue to worship him, with a worldwide body of Christians who are part of an established and growing Church.

Why has this happened?

Because, for many who follow Jesus, they have met him through their faith. His claims that he represented the truth, that he provided a unique route to God, that he would never fail or desert those who believed and trusted in him have been found to be true.

Although, those who have discovered this truth have not done so in a loud, brash way – with lightning flashes and claps of thunder. Generally it has been in their hearts, where acceptance of Jesus as Lord and saviour has revealed that Christ is exactly who he claimed to be, and that he is the only way to reach God. The only way to give some meaning and purpose to life. The result of this may well be a desire to proclaim the truth of the gospel, and give thanks and worship to their Father God – which is the reason why, despite all the attempts to stifle the Church over two thousand years, it remains. Individuals are free to accept or reject the truth of the gospel.

At St. Mary’s we uphold an evangelical tradition of setting out the gospel of Christ, as revealed in the Bible, in all its richness, with all its challenges and with the blessings it can bring.

If you are seeking God, and are not able or uncertain about attending church please e-mail our minister- Cathie Aldis cathie.aldis@stmarysgreatchart.org