We are proud as a church to support Ashford Street Pastors who go out in to the night time economy and help those who are about every Friday night.

The team is made up of over a dozen street pastors, along with a number of prayer pastors whose role is to pray for situations as they arise and keep abreast of information coming in on the Town Control Radio.

The street pastors work with staff in the bars and clubs, bouncers, local police and Town Control and help to keep members of the public safe, be that by giving out Lollipops, Bottles of Water or Flip Flops, or by there simple presence being a calming effect on situations.

If you would like to know more information speak to Nathan Wilson on a Sunday Morning, or contact Lita the Street Pastors Co-Ordinator via ashford@streetpastors.org.uk or 07511 816621.

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