Direction pt1

The first in our new 8 part series entitled ‘Growing Ministry Together’

Readings Exodus 40:18-38   &   Luke 9:57-10:9


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    Michael Hutton says:

    I was glad to hear that the church that I attend thought it was a movement and not an institution. However what I would like explored is why Anglican and not one of the other Christian movements? The Anglican Church does not necessarily have much of a mission feel to it whereas the Methodist Church certainly started out as such although it’s zeal seems a lot less now. I think people gravitate to the church where they feel most comfortable, I can remember from my youth trying all the Christian denominations and really liking the Baptist Church and not liking the Evangelical Church. So we have to be careful with what we preach as there are choices of Churches and people will keep walking to where they “fit”.
    The Anglican Church certainly gives out mixed messages with pastoral care and mission not seeming top of its agenda whilst financial demands and gay right issues seemingly more important. The message is very confusing, text from the Bible is quoted to support a view, however text is ignored when it doesn’t fit with a view.

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