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Christians Against Poverty

Readings:  Psalm 107:23-32   &   Matthew 25:31-45 We were joined by Steve Lane for this weeks service. He gave a talk about CAP, including his testimony. For more information about CAP see www.capuk.org, for information about the debt centre in Ashford contact Martin Lees

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10 Practical Instructions

Reading: Philippians 4 10 Practical Instructions 1.Love & long for each other (v.1) 2.Work at Unity (v.2) 3.Rejoice & be joyful regardless of situation (v.4) 4.Be reasonable ‘soft’ – Lord’s coming! (v.5) 5.Don’t worry but pray thankfully (v.6) 6.Let peace guard you (v.7) 7.Focus on the good and the pure (v.8) 8.Be content in everything […]

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