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October 2016

This months guest blog is written by Ron Seggie, a member of the Great Chart leadership team

We have had for some time now; healing prayer being offered once a month at St Mary’s Great Chart and Singleton during the communion service. I wonder what healing prayer means to you? Does it mean a prayer for;

  • The quicker mending of a broken bone.
  • The recovery from an illness.
  • The reconciling of a family feud.
  • Reconnecting with God.
  • To say thank you for all that God has done in your life.

Or maybe something completely different and it can be for yourself, a relative or a friend.

Sometimes you may just want to sit with someone who prays for you.

At St Mary’s Great Chart and Singleton, we call it personal prayer to better reflect the diversity of reasons for prayer.  In my time of offering healing prayer at church and at the Living Well, where I have been an Assistant Lay Chaplain for nearly a year now, I have seen the power of prayer.  At the Living Well, on our Deeper Healing Days, I have seen people arriving with their heads bowed, not making eye contact and very quiet.  Then at the end of the day they leave with their heads up and a big smile on their face.  It is wonderful to see God’s work.

I attended the Lukestide service which was held in the Crypt at Canterbury Cathedral on the 16th October. This was my fourth time of being on the prayer team and it was again a moving experience, as it had been in previous years.  The music was led by a duo from Maidstone whose wonderful voices and music filled the Crypt and this lifted us all to sing some great songs of praise.  There was an emotional witness from someone on their healing journey which had started at the Living Well.  During the service healing prayer was offered at twenty-four stations, so many people were prayed for and I pray that God will continue to walk with them.

I would like add my own personal welcome to Cathie, our new curate, who I have known for some years through the Living Well.  For some time, I have been praying for someone to join with me in our healing ministry and now my prayer has been answered.  I look forward to working with Cathie at our two churches in the future.

The Living Well is situated in Nonington between Canterbury and Dover.  Healing services are held every Tuesday and Thursday starting at 10:30. If you wish to attended a Deeper Healing day, it can be booked by contacting the Living Well on 01304 842847.

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