May 2017

This months blog is written by James Beck, one of our Readers

“Who thinks God’s voice is loud?” I asked this morning in the service at Singleton. Two hands (at least – there may have been more) shot up. Others said “No”, “Sometimes”, or “That’s not really a fair question!”. But it was clear that many of us had experience of God speaking to us, and in many ways. And that God is perfectly capable of making Himself heard over a hoover.

I remember exactly where I was when someone told me that Christianity was about a relationship with God – mainly because I remember thinking quite how ridiculous an idea that was. Now I have a relationship with the incredible person that is Jesus Christ, I am still amazed by the craziness of knowing, in a personal way, the creator of the Universe. It’s bonkers, but brilliant.

We often think of prayer as asking God for things, but it is so, so much more than that. It is the expression of a relationship with the living God. Which means it is a two-way thing, and I expect God to talk to me simply because I talk to Him. And, as was pointed out this morning, the more we hear from Him, the more we come to recognise His voice, whether He talks to us directly or through others.

In the next couple of weeks, we will, as a church, be taking part in the Novena – the nine days of prayer in the run-up to Pentecost. I expect that we will, as a bunch of people who are trying to follow Jesus, hear many things from God. And I am sure that this will be an important time in helping us to follow in the steps He wants us to take next.

As one of the most senior members of our congregation put it, “I talk to God, and he talks to me. And I know it is Him as He does what He says He is going to do”.

Find out more about the Novena here


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    Trina says:

    This service was a really great talk, Jen engaged me, brought it all to us in the now, I came away feeling full of the Holy Spirit and ready to hear God in any way he may choose to talk to me. I also felt she answered things I’d thought but not asked. Well done team.

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