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June 2017

I’m not a great gardener but June is a time of amazing growth.  Trimmed hedges and moderate shrubs and recently mown grass suddenly burst forth. And vegetables planted as seed or tiny plants cover the vegetable patch.

June is also a time of growth for me as it’s the month when I become a year older.  And the church which occupies so much of my life, time and ministry seems to grow and flourish in June.  God who creates life also creates growth.  God has given the church as the primary means but which He grows and flourishes His people and draws more to Him.

When I first offered myself for ordained ministry over 30 years ago much of the language was ‘going into the church’ and certainly it seems that most of my time, life and energy is involved in the life of the church. But it is a church that does and must grow.  So it isn’t just maintaining and keeping the church growing but watching out and tending the church as it grows and flourishes.

We’ve recently moved from being 2 places of worship at Great Chart & Singleton to three with St Francis South Ashford added to us.  And it’s been interesting to note how this growth has happened.  We’ve not suddenly gone from two to three congregations but something is happening.  In a very physical way growth around the building at St Francis has happened. We had a working party to tackle the grounds in March and this continued during a week of prayer in May.  Vegetables were planted which are already flourishing and hedges and grass are regularly being trimmed in this growing season.  And the people are growing too. People at all 3 places of worship are flourishing but facing changes too as growth always brings change.

We have a new revised prayer diary where we include everyone involved in the life of our church and encourage each other to pray for one another through the month.  This now includes people from St Francis and lots of new people from all 3 congregation.

So growth is happening.  June is a month for growth.  Let’s be part of it. Embrace it and allow God to use as to reach and draw in others to His church as God grows His church through, with and among us.

Timothy Wilson

Great Chart Rectory

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