Flower and Mouse Festival 16-17 July 2022

The weekend of 16-17 July 2022 is being planned to be a really fun event for the community of Great Chart; St Mary’s Church will be decorated with a range of floral displays and….there will be mice everywhere!—of all sizes and characters, some to be tracked down, others posing cheekily in full view.

Brochures for visitors will list the various flower and mouse displays. And via a “silent auction” during the weekend, many displays will be available for purchase after the event.

Refreshments will be served in the Village Hall throughout the weekend.

Proceeds from the Festival will go towards St Mary’s “Prepare the Way” project, which aims to achieve easier access to the church by making the external path less steep and  easier to navigate, and levelling out the entrance to the building. This is the next phase of St Mary’s longer-term “Janus” project which will tackle repairs to the building and improvements to the interior.


You can sponsor the festival either as an individual or as a business, by contributing to or sponsoring a floral display, see downloadable forms.


A gift of £50 will sponsor the re-laying of one paving stone in the churchyard path.

If you give £250 or more then you will be a Patron of the project and you may, if you wish, be named on our Patrons board.

You can also donate directly to “Prepare the Way” iin several ways. For a one-off donation, please donate online to:

Account name: Ashford Town PCC
Reference: Janus Project
Account number: 30686611
Sort code: 20-02-62

Or write a cheque to Ashford Town PCC referencing “Prepare the Way” with the donation form (download below) and send to:

Mrs Shirley Leslie, Parish Treasurer
Parish Office, Ashford Parish Church Hall
Church Yard
Kent TN23 1QG

If you would like to support the Janus Project over a number of years, we invite you to set up a monthly standing order – please download the form, fill it in and send to Mrs Shirley Leslie as above.

If you are a UK tax-payer and would like to gift-aid your donation, please download and fill in the following form and send to Mrs Shirley Leslie as above.

For more information, please email janusgreatchart@ashfordchurches.co.uk. Thank you for your support and interest.

Registered charity number 1171191