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August 2015

This month’s blog is by Derek Goodwin, one of our Readers and Church Warden.

As I write this blog halfway through September (I had forgotten I’d been asked to do it!) it seems that August was a long time ago. The autumn storms are coming and going and the trees starting to turn their golden colours. Time seems to be rushing ever onward towards Christmas and another New Year.

As a Church Parish we will be undergoing significant changes within the Deanery during the next year or so, there have been meetings and discussions throughout the year, which will soon be bearing fruit; hopefully it will all have been worthwhile. In common with many other large institutions finance is a continuing burden, unfortunately costs continue to rise and our income struggles to keep pace. Added to that the Parish Church at Great Chart is in need of some expensive tender loving care, having raised several hundred thousand pounds a couple of years ago to make the roof watertight, we now have to repair other parts of the structure. It is also part of the plan provide toilet and better kitchen facilities inside the church.

There always seems something to be looking forward to; looking back seems more difficult – much of the detail lost in various memories. Fortunately as Christians we are able to look forward to the time of Christ’s return, but simultaneously we can look back in detail to the time when Jesus spoke with His disciples and gave them hope and the confidence to go out into the world and tell of the Love of God through His Son Jesus Christ. It is easy in our busy lives to forget the simple truth of the Gospels, written 2,000yrs ago, but still fresh today and relevant for tomorrow. The simple message of hope in these ever troubled times is encouragement for us all, in whatever circumstances we find ourselves in. Past problems solved and future challenges ahead; Jesus is there with us, in our prayers and our plans, we may not know what the future holds, but past evidence suggests that the more we trust God to provide, the more He delivers.

That doesn’t mean we just sit back and wait for things to happen, it is a dynamic relationship, ever shifting from one situation to another but always with the knowledge that God loves us all, and wants us to love Him. Jesus came to show how that love works and for 2,000yrs Christians have, through their faith, spread that love in work places, families and communities throughout the world; looking forward and remembering the past. August may be an ever dimming memory and future challenges becoming greater, but with God there is no past or future He is timeless and eternal; never changing but always fresh, relevant and constant in His Love.

So look forward in hope, and remember those ‘long hot summer days’; the endless blue skies and the warm BBQ nights!

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