We desire to be a praying Church.

All our services have times of prayer within them; where we pray for our world, those in power, those in need in our community, and for needs known especially to ourselves. Our Small Groups always have times of prayer, and we encourage our children and young people to pray.

We produce a yearly Prayer Diary, which has members of the church in to pray for each day of the month.

We also offer prayer boxes at Great Chart Church, The Grapevine Cafe and Singleton Hall, where people can post their prayers and these are then prayed over in our Sunday Services without being read individually.

We encourage all our Church Members to pray themselves at home, combining this with Bible Study.

Prayer Aids

Some of our congregation use the Prayer Mate app to help them in their prayers. You use it to identify all the concerns you want to pray for and each day it produces a short group of prayers for you to use.

You can use the Church of England’s daily prayer. This is a liturgical form of prayer with Bible readings and space for your own prayers amidst the ancient prayers Anglicans across the world will be using