We’re really excited to be partnering with Make Lunch to help fill the Holiday Hunger Gap in our community. Make Lunch works with churches to provide a hot and healthy meal to children who would normally receive Free School Meals, in the School Holiday period. We launched this project in Summer 2018 and over the course of 5 weeks we

  • Opened for 10 sessions
  • Fed 107 unique children
  • Served 301 meals to children
  • Served 113 meals to parents
  • Were served by 38 volunteers giving over 350hours of their time

During the course of the project we have made good connections with local businesses and charities and are pleased that it has continued in every half term and school holiday

We are always seeking volunteers, in 3 teams- The Kitchen Team, The Kids Team and The Welcome Team.

Please think if you can support this project with your time and money, and anyone who thinks they can should contact Rev Cathie Aldis cathie.aldis@ashfordchurches.co.uk