Between Easter and Pentecost we start a new teaching series called ‘Creating Space’

Written by James Beck, he writes…

I read something recently about working from a place of rest, which I found very challenging, so we’re going to try and wrestle with that as a gathering of God’s people over the next few weeks. There is no intention of presenting answers, or telling people off for being too busy, just for us to explore what it might look like to be people able to serve with fully charged batteries and how we might help each other get to that place.”

The plan looks something like this:

Apr 30: Busy? Very Busy? What does space look like in your life? (James Beck)

May 7: Time for reflection / Space to think (Rev Tim Wilson)

May 14: Hearing the needs of each other (Greg Allen)

May 21: Hearing the voice of God (Jen Beales)

May 28: Commitment to prayer (Rev Tim Wilson)

June 4: Morning Pentecost Celebration with the Ashford Town Team Ministry (Rev Jo Kelly-Moore, Archdeacon of Canterbury)

Evening Pentecost prayer and praise; Jesus, where are you taking us from here? (James Beck)

By the end point I hope we will be seeking, from more of a place of rest, where Jesus wants to take us next, and for us to spend Pentecost evening bringing together what we have heard from him over the previous few weeks.


All the talks from this series will be available on the website for you to listen again