We are passionate at our church about encouraging our congregation to read the Bible personally and in their own time. However we recognise that sitting down to start at the beginning is a daunting prospect and isn’t really the best way to do it either! Below are a number of resources and websites that members of our church use to help them in their daily Bible Readings


The Church of England has numerous apps that can help you read the Bible, pray and spend some time each day with God

HTB developed the Bible in One Year programme to enable you to read the whole Bible in one year. You can do this online, via daily emails, or by downloading the App


Lots of organisations produce physical notes which can be ordered and used in your own home, these organisations often produce notes for people at different stages of their faith journey, and for different ages

Scripture Union

Word Live (also part of Scripture Union)

The Good Book Company


There are also many more, and if you are looking to start reading the Bible please do talk to one of the leadership team who will advise you on the best programme for you